Who’s Responsible for Work-Related Accidents when Self-Employed?

Are you self-employed? Have you ever stopped to consider who would be responsible for covering your medical expenses if you were hurt during a work-related accident?

Currently, in the United Kingdom, there are more than a million workers living on reduced incomes or with no income at all as a result of a work-related illness or injury. The is a small number when compared to the twenty million, or more, workers who will miss multiple days of work because of such an accident this year. More than 2,500 people have died due to asbestos exposure, and more than one hundred will be killed on the job this year. When put into perspective, the chances of being harmed on the job are substantial.

As a self-employed person, you do take on some of the associated risk, but not all of it. RIDDOR, the reporting of injuries, diseases, and dangerous occurrences regulations, is important for the maintaining of job place safety. Nevertheless, there are millions of accidents reported each year. Employers are required to report and work-related deaths or any incidents that resulted in injury or illness. As a self-employed individual, there is no employer processing that report for you. However, if you are injured on another entity’s premises as a result of your work, the person in charge of that premises will be required to file the report for you.

If you were exposed to unsafe working conditions, even if you are not formally employed by the company, you may have a legitimate claim against the entity responsible for the premises. It will be important to speak to a lawyer to determine where the fault really lies. A legal professional can help you collect evidence and present a worthwhile claim against the negligent party, so that you may collect monetary compensation for the damages suffered.

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