What Will You Have to Provide For Your Solicitor?

Suffering a great injury or significant loss as a result of someone else’s negligence is devastating. It is the job of a great solicitor to represent you well within the legal system, so that you can recover compensation for your pain and suffering. In order to do that job properly, however, the solicitor will need some information from you.

Accident Facts Obviously, the most important information will be that related to the case. The first step in procuring compensation is to prove that there was an accident and that it was the fault of the defendant. The only way to convince the courts of this fact, is to compile as much evidence as possible to support that claim. This starts with your efforts. If you have pictures of the scene of the accident, pictures of your injuries, or your damaged property, or any other similar documentation, be sure that you bring it along. It is also important to call attention to any witnesses that were there at the time of the incident.

Medical Information Compensation is generally given to cover expenses. If your injuries resulted in you missing time at work, being demoted, laid off, or otherwise held back professionally, proof of this should be secured. Furthermore, be sure that you bring copies of your medical records, which include your diagnosis and a list of treatments received since the time of the accident.

Unions and Insurances The solicitor will also ask questions about trade unions and insurances. Certain affiliations or policies can help you cover your legal expenses, so you should be willing and able to provide information about any insurance policies that you have, as well as documentation of any trade union affiliations.

In exchange for all of this information, a solicitor will help you build a respectable case and represent you in court should you not be able to reach an acceptable settlement before that time.

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