What Should You Do When Coming Upon an Accident Scene?

Most people, when seeing others in a bad situation, want to help out. This doesn’t come from the desire to be a hero, rather it is human nature to feel empathy for others who are hurt or struggling. Examples of this are very often seen at the site of a car accident.

If you are among the first on the scene of an accident, you must take care to protect yourself before helping others, however. While it is wonderful that you want to do what is right by helping your fellow man, you must also look out for your own health and well-being.

Be Safe That said, be sure that you get your vehicle as far from moving traffic as possible before exiting and approaching the wreck. Upon exiting your vehicle, keep yourself behind barriers (i.e. your parked car) whenever possible.

Signal Others Before helping those who are injured, be sure that you do your best to provide a safety cushion. This is done by placing flares or other warnings along the side of the road leading to the crash, so oncoming motorists know to slow down and move over. Call for help during this time as well. If the authorities have not been alerted, then do so from your mobile phone as soon as possible. You can do your part to help, but the sooner trained emergency care providers are on the scene, the better off the victims will be.

Offer Limited Assistance Though it is wonderful to help, you must understand that moving an injured person in the wrong way can actually cause more harm than good. Offer morale support and words of comfort, if the person is pinned or otherwise unable to move him- or herself.

Move the Cars If possible, snap a couple of pictures of the scene of the crash, and move the cars to a safer location, out of the path of oncoming traffic.


If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, please contact us immediately. We can help.

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