Unicyclist May Have Been Saved By Heroic Witnesses

In the field of personal injury law, a person is naturally exposed to many horrific stories of loss and injury. Too often, this leaves a person to question the humanity of others, as their actions cause harm and serious devastation to others’ lives. Yet, reading a story in the Standard recently renewed hope that there are still good people residing within the UK.

The story came out of Walthamstow, where a bus driver rammed into a unicyclist. The victim was a man commonly seen in the area, and known to be a quite talented unicyclist. It was rush hour, and whether the bus driver didn’t see him or miss judged the distance between them is not clear. What is known, though, is that the cyclist wound up under the weight of a double decker bus, and onlookers came running from every direction in an effort to help.

According to the reports that flooded Twitter feeds, approximately one hundred bystanders – some from nearby restaurants, others passengers on the bus – came together and made a joint effort to move the bus. Despite the significant weight of the bus, they were able to do so. By the time the medical teams arrived, the unicyclist was freed, but not in good shape. He was rushed off to hospital, and was, reportedly, in very serious condition.

Police closed the area of the city in order to further investigate the accident, but the bus driver was not arrested.

Cases like this are tragic, but the efforts taken by witnesses are heartwarming. They didn’t have to help out, but chose to do so, and very well could have saved the man’s life as a result. Undoubtedly, a personal injury lawyer will assist the man or his family in recouping any financial losses. But, for now, he is in the care of trusted medical professionals thanks to the help of bystanders.

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