UK To See Better Victims’ Laws?

The Labour Party’s Victims’ Taskforce recently released a report suggesting a need for improved legislation regarding victims’  laws and rights. In this report, it was stated:

“One of the standout features of our criminal justice system is that most victims of personal and sexual violence are unlikely to report their allegations to the police.”

The truth remains that victims fear the repercussions of speaking out against their attackers, for fear that the authorities will do little to assist them and keep them safe from further harm.

Domestic violence cases fall well within this realm of inadequately handled situations. In a recent piece in The Guardian, it was reported that:

Victims of domestic violence are abused for almost three years before they get the help they need, and some are subjected to more than 50 incidents during that time.

Despite the fact that the sufferers of this violence are often in contact with public agencies, the domestic abuse continues without notice. These victims are left to suffer in pain and must fear for their lives, as they struggle to determine if they can really get the help that they need without instigating another attack. Kids will generally suffer for the longest periods of time. Afraid to speak up, on average, children will live with the abuse throughout much of their formative years.

Right now, this action could result in changes to the legal system. Until that time comes, personal injury law can help those who are seriously injured as a result of assault and battery. Those who were further harmed, or left to suffer because action was not taken to protect them from harm may be able to collect damages to cover some of their losses. Not all injuries are the result of accidents. Some harms are done intentionally. You can get the legal support you need to ensure the courts will listen.

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