UK Pedestrian Accident Statistics

As a result of being affiliated with personal injury law, we witness many horrible accounts of car accidents in the UK. The worst, however, tend to be those that involve a pedestrian. While you may believe that this is a rare occurrence, that is not the truth. A disturbing number of people are injured while walking the streets of the UK. Whether at a crosswalk, or as a result of a car swerving off of the road, these accidents can be very serious and even fatal.

According to the public statistics from 2013, nearly five thousand people were seriously injured as a result of a pedestrian accident. The majority of those individuals, of course, were the pedestrians. In addition to those cases, approximately four hundred others were killed in such an accident.

The good news is that these numbers are actually down, when compared to those of 2012. Yet, there is still a lot of danger in crossing roads and travelling on foot, alongside motor vehicles.   Children, for instance, are at high risk during daytime hours, especially during school hours, and even more heavily during the warmer months of the year. It makes sense that there would be more pedestrian accidents involving children in the spring and summer, because they are more likely to be out and about. That being said, adults were actually more likely to be injured or killed when walking at dawn or dusk, and the majority of the accidents reported were in the cooler months of the year – late fall into mid-winter.

It is obvious that all pedestrians are assuming some level of risk, and when crossing the street, that danger level rises. Be sure that you are taking a proactive approach as a pedestrian, not relying solely on traffic signs and lights. Look both ways, just as you were taught as a child and be sure that any oncoming drivers are paying attention to you, to the road, and to the traffic signals before you cross.

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