The Boating Winch that Took A Man’s Life

By now you have likely heard the tale of Gareth Jones, skipper of the boat called Gwynedd. The vessel was this man’s source of income, and he would spend much of his time on the water, seeking scallop beds, which would provide him the income needed to put food on his table.

The unfortunate part about doing this solitary type of work is that there is no one around when you find yourself in need of assistance. The poor man died on his boat, after getting trapped in a boating winch. He was in the process of trying to recover his gear, according to the authorities’ reports. These reports made mention of the fact that it is neither recommended, nor safe to do this type of work alone, and that a man should have at least one other on board when hitting the scallop beds.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch determined, based on the state of the man’s boat and his gear that he was facing financial hardship, which was likely the reason that he had not employed someone to assist in his fishing endeavour. The victim was just thirty-six years old at the time of his death.

It is not clear whether his family or friends will argue with the report, or if they will seek legal assistance. With no one being there at the time of the accident, it is difficult to determine whether the gear was operating correctly or if a malfunction caused the accident.

Product failure, which results in serious injury or death, is a basis of personal injury claim. If it was determined that the winch was not operating properly, and that this was not a result of poor maintenance, but rather due to some malfunctioning internal component, the family would have the right to seek damages on behalf of their lost loved one.


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