Work Accident Costs One Man His Life, Another in Critical Care

When people think about workplace accidents, they often imagine a person falling from a tall ladder or having trouble controlling heavy equipment. They don’t typically think about the men and women who are working with waste. However, a recent sewer accident has resulted in one death and has left another man in critical care at a local medical facility.

Just a few weeks ago, two men were working in a sewer in Portmarnock, North County Dublin. One of the men slipped and fell deep into the pit. In an effort to save his co-worker, the other man lost his footing as well. The bottom of a sewer pit can be three metres or deeper. That is a tremendous fall to take, but then you must also account for the waste within, which is riddled with bacteria.

When rescue teams arrived, both men were rushed to the local hospital, but one of them could not survive the injuries sustained. The second man’s condition remains serious.

According to reports, work related incidents result in workers falling ill each year in jobs that involve sewer work. There are a number of career paths, everything from water treatment to aircraft maintenance that can result in a person being exposed to sewage. In most cases, the work-related incidents do not involve a fall, but rather contamination, leaving the person to suffer symptoms such as abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, and severe headaches. If the bacterial infections are not immediately treated, they can lead to liver- or kidney damage, fever, chronic muscle aches, and asthma.

It is unclear what actions will be taken in the case of these two men. There has been no word about personal injury lawsuits. Very likely, the families are too overcome with grief to be considering such matters at the moment. Yet, one thing is certain, the working conditions were quite poor if two men were able to fall into a sewer pit.


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Traffic Accidents Related to Work: What You Need to Know Now

Traffic accidents happen. More than a quarter of a million people are injured on the roads each year, and many of those are driving company vehicles at the time of the accident. Just because you’re working while you’re involved in an accident, though, doesn’t lessen the consequences. Any car accident, even one while you’re on the job, can be a devastating experience. Learning a bit about what to do next, though, can help you through such a frustrating event.

  • As with any accident, the first step you want to take is getting medical help immediately. Even if you think you’re fine, physical injuries can present themselves days or weeks after the actual accident, so talking to your GP right away or going to the emergency department of your local hospital is essential.
  • Keep in mind that if your vehicle is insured by your employer, you’re actually covered by your employer’s plan, not your own. This is true no matter who may have been responsible for the accident, so you’ll need to talk with that insurance company, not the one from which you’ve purchased your own policy.
  • Trade unions sometimes offer free legal help for union members who are involved in accidents, so if you’re part of a union, you may want to contact them immediately after the accident has occurred.

In the event you are injured in a crash while you’re driving a company vehicle, you should immediately contact your employer. The company should be able to guide you through the next steps, protecting your health and safety at all costs.