Avoiding Food Poisoning on Holiday

moving-forward-1445758-mIt’s becoming a news headline on an increasingly frequent basis – holiday travellers suffering a case of food poisoning that prevents them from truly enjoying their trip as they should. It’s the last thing you want to experience during your hard earned holiday, but is there anything you can do to prevent it?

  • Only eat at locations that have a good reputation. This can be a bit more difficult if you’re on holiday, but using the internet and your concierge, you may be able to find restaurants, eateries, and cafes with solid reputations around you.
  • Take a closer look at appearance. Whether it’s a street vendor or the buffet at your hotel, look at the food and surroundings carefully. Cleanliness counts when it comes to avoiding food poisoning, so if it looks dirty or the food looks undercooked, don’t eat it.
  • Go raw and unpeeled. Raw food that can be peeled like oranges is always a safe bet, as it hasn’t been exposed to harmful bacteria. Freshly cooked hot food is also less likely to contain the bacteria that can make you sick.
  • Eat smaller portions. Even if the food is harmful, eating a small portion may mean your body can fight off the food poisoning completely.
  • Wash your hands. Good hand washing practises can mean you never encounter the harmful bacteria that could infect your food and cause you to become ill.

If you do experience food poisoning while on holiday, you can be compensated by filing a personal injury claim calculator. There are travel laws that make it possible for you to be compensated if you can prove the cause of the illness was food poisoning. Seek medical help immediately, and make certain you hang on to the documentation so you can file a claim after your recovery. Contact us today to learn more.