Four Ways to Prevent Slip and Trip Accidents At Your Shop Now

There are lots of different reasons people slip and trip. Unfortunately, it all adds up to one thing – serious problems for your shop. From bruises to serious injuries, the consequences your customers might suffer are devastating. Is there anything you can actually do to ensure customers aren’t involved in a slip and trip on your property, though? Absolutely, and these tips can help.

  • Make good housekeeping a priority for your entire staff. If you can’t manage to keep it clean, you may not only be endangering your customers, but your employees as well. Plan what your shop should look like on a daily basis carefully, then assign employees to manage each responsibility involved.
  • Eliminate wet surfaces as often as possible. While you’ll likely never be able to eliminate all of the wet surfaces in or near your shop, there’s so much you can do to prevent injuries in cases like these. First, make certain your parking lot and the sidewalk in front of your shop are well maintained and clean. In the event it has snowed or gotten cold enough to leave ice near your shop, treat it so customers don’t fall. Inside your shop, “Wet Floor” signs are a must, as are anti-skid coatings in areas that create continual issues.
  • Proper lighting is a must. The more illuminated the area, the less likely you are to have slip and trips in your shop. If you experience any lighting problems, have them repaired by a professional immediately.
  • Perform a risk assessment on a regular basis. One of the best ways to eliminate the potential for slips and trips is to ensure you’re spotting those potential hazards before they become an issue. Insurance companies and government agencies like HSE all have risk assessment checklists you may want to consider to help guide you.

Slip and trip accidents are far more common than you might imagine, and working to prevent them for your customers and employees alike is nothing short of a must.