Can I Afford a Personal Injury Claim?

Too many people avoid seeking compensation from the individuals who caused them harm, because they are worried about the legal fees involved. The true tragedy here is that, in many cases, there would be no attorney costs paid by the victim of the suit.

There are three things that you should know, if you are considering filing a claim against a negligent individual.

  1. No Win, No Fee You may have heard this term on the telly, on the radio, or have read it scrawled across an online banner ad. However, there are many people who don’t fully understand the promise. Many attorneys are willing to waive the fees associated with a personal injury case, if the case is lost. Why? Well, they wouldn’t bother take on the case, if they didn’t feel certain that you would walk away a winner. As long as you win they get their payment.
  2. You Keep the Settlement Hearing the No Win, No Fee claim doesn’t always ease concerns, as people picture attorneys walking away with a large percentage of the winnings. However, in England, in most cases, the losing party of the case will pay the winner’s legal fees. That is to say that the negligent party will be responsible for handing over the awarded damages, but will also cover the cost of your personal injury attorney.
  3. A Personal Injury Attorney Can Cost Less than Going it Alone Remember, should you lose your case, you might be held responsible for covering the legal expenses of the other party as well. Therefore, going to court without an attorney is risky business, and can, in fact, wind up costing you more than if you had simply hired the expert.

If your question is ‘can I really afford a personal injury attorney’, our answer will always be, ‘you can’t afford not to’. The vast majority of lawyers will speak with you regarding the facts of your case, and offer an opinion on your chances of winning, without charging you anything.