How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim? The Limitation Period

If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you may have heard that you must file a claim soon or risk running out of time. The limitation period on a personal injury is fairly strict, and waiting to file certainly won’t do you any favors. Just how long do you have, though?

The Limitation Period

All legal proceedings have to be started within three years of the actual accident. There are cases where the three years begins from the date the injury was officially identified, though, instead of the accident date. These circumstances, though, are incredibly strict. In the event a metal disability is in play or a juvenile is affected, it is possible to file a claim after the injury has been identified. If a disease develops some time after the initial exposure, this is also possible. The key, though, is to ask a solicitor if your case qualifies for any of those exceptions.

One additional exception is possible. In the event someone is in the midst of a compensation claim and they die, the three year deadline resets for the family involved so they can continue working on the claim should they decide to do so.

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