Can I Get Compensation for a Football Injury?

Part of the charm of any football game is its fast-paced, quick-footed, tough nature. Such a game involves expected injuries– aches, bruises, scrapes– those that happen when you throw your body’s all into the controlled fray. However, compensation can be pursued if an injury occurs due to recklessness or negligence.


Defining negligence in this context is a bit difficult, but you may want to think of it as a kind of contract between players. Each player has a duty to consider others on the field. What is actually expected of his or her playing position? If events occur outside of those expectations, it could be classified as negligence.


What comes into play when considering negligence?


  • Motive. Sometimes, clear intentionality can be discerned from a player’s actions. Malice differs from an error in judgment. Judgment errors will occur, as everyone’s vying for the ball to move it toward the respective goal. Malice, however, is a player’s intent to do harm.
  • Late tackles. All three kinds of tackles in football (block, side block, and sliding) involve specific positions. Timing is key in these tackles if one is to, ideally, both stop the other player from advancing and to gain possession of the ball. “Late” tackles are ineffective for the play at hand and move into the territory of intending to injure.
  • Football club. A player’s club may be held liable if a player in that club causes serious injury during the duration of the game, as they oversee his/her participation within the sport.


Part of football’s beauty involves watching players work within the boundaries of the game. A good player knows how to give as much as possible within those parameters without having to step outside of them.


If you’ve been injured in a recent match, it’s possible it is due to the negligence of another player or the club itself. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about your recent injury.