How to Help an Accident Victim Trapped in a Car

It’s easily your worst nightmare come to life. Whether you’re driving or you’re simply the passenger in a vehicle, seeing a horrible accident occur can be scary. Being involved in one is nothing short of terrifying. In an accident, the impact can be harsh enough to push the metals and plastics that make up a vehicle today out of place, and by the time the chaos ends, the victims are often trapped. When you’re part of a situation like this, what do you do? Are there steps you can take to help before emergency personnel arrive? Absolutely. Take a look.

  • Alert Other Drivers Instead of working to pry the victim out, possibly creating further injury to the individual, put your energy and efforts toward alerting others. Reduce the risk to the victim by diverting traffic away from the scene. Place flares, emergency triangles, or other signals near the scene of the accident to alert oncoming traffic so all of the drivers are aware of the hazard. If you can prevent the person from suffering a second impact, you are doing a great deal to help
  • Call for Help After the scene has been secured, call for help. Provide clear, calm directions to the accident, and be the voice for the victim. You can ensure that help gets there as soon as possible and that the team is prepared for the circumstances awaiting them.
  • Communicate with the Victim Once you have called for help, and the scene is as safe as possible, do your best to keep the victim conscious. Try to create a steady stream of conversation because it will be easier for the rescue team if they can speak to the victim about symptoms and sources of pain before trying to extract the individual from the vehicle.

Keep in mind that accident scenes are dangerous places. There is always the potential of a fuel leak or other hazards you don’t notice, so take the time to secure your own safety as well as that of the accident victim.

Accidents may be fairly common, but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to deal with the devastating financial consequences if you or a loved one is injured. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.


Where do the Most Fatal Car Accidents Occur?

Motor vehicle accident fatality numbers seem ever higher, but where does the UK fit into the picture on a worldwide scale? Many people believe that the Western World leads the way with motor vehicle accidents. Perhaps this can be blamed on this culture’s obsession with beautifully made vehicles. However, one must also consider how progressive our car manufacturers are when it comes to safety elements.

A recent report suggests those safety features actually push us pretty far down the list in the number of accident fatalities throughout the country. The report suggests that the countries that top the list of most fatalities include the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Nigeria, and Chad. In fact, topping the list is the country by the name of Eritrea, where, on average, more than 48 out of every one hundred thousand people will suffer a fatal death on the roadways each year. This compares to 3.5 out of 100,000 citizens of the United Kingdom who will suffer the same fate in the same amount of time.
It’s nice to see just how many countries within the ‘Western World’ fall at the very bottom of this list. Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway all have fewer accidents per 100,000 inhabitants per year than the United Kingdom. Even in the United States, where the number of miles driven by the average person is substantially greater than in most countries, there are still only 11 1/2 deaths per 100,000 citizens annually.

While these figures speak very well for British people, the truth is that there are still far too many accidents each year, and people are injured each and every day as a result of crashes. Though they may live to tell the tale, the costs associated with repairs and time away from work can be substantial. When someone else is negligent for your injuries, you do have the right to seek compensation.

To learn more about the report and the statistics in it, take a look the statistics from the World Health Organization now.

The Mysteriousness of Fatal Car Accidents

There is a reason why police, and not just rescue crews, are need at the scene of fatal accidents. They are not just there to coordinate efforts of medical teams and cleanup crews, or to direct traffic. They are there to investigate, because the circumstances leading up to fatal crashes are not always clear in the aftermath.

Loved ones obviously want questions answered about the crashes that killed their lost family members, but there is more to an investigation than that. These studies of accident scenes can point to potential problems, which could lead to further incidents in the future.

This blog post is spurred by the mysterious car accident that took place in Llananno on Wednesday night. At 10 PM, it was dark, but there was no rain to blur the victim’s view of the road, or to cause the vehicle to lose traction. Yet, the impact of car hitting tree was enough to kill the woman on impact. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

If, though, it was discovered that there was a bad patch of road that might have led to the accident, if it is found that there may have been another car at the scene, which was driven off before crews arrived, or if it is determined that some component of the car malfunctioned, steps could be taken to serve justice or to correct problems before more victims wind up in the same situation.

A family left to contend with the damage done, and the life lost will want answers, both for the purpose of having closure, and also because that information can give them a better understanding of the circumstances. If someone else’s negligence caused the crash, they could seek damages to help cover the associated costs and that, at very least, would ease the financial burden while they mourned.


If you have a loved one who was killed thanks to the negligence of someone else, we can help. Learn how now.

Traffic Accidents Related to Work: What You Need to Know Now

Traffic accidents happen. More than a quarter of a million people are injured on the roads each year, and many of those are driving company vehicles at the time of the accident. Just because you’re working while you’re involved in an accident, though, doesn’t lessen the consequences. Any car accident, even one while you’re on the job, can be a devastating experience. Learning a bit about what to do next, though, can help you through such a frustrating event.

  • As with any accident, the first step you want to take is getting medical help immediately. Even if you think you’re fine, physical injuries can present themselves days or weeks after the actual accident, so talking to your GP right away or going to the emergency department of your local hospital is essential.
  • Keep in mind that if your vehicle is insured by your employer, you’re actually covered by your employer’s plan, not your own. This is true no matter who may have been responsible for the accident, so you’ll need to talk with that insurance company, not the one from which you’ve purchased your own policy.
  • Trade unions sometimes offer free legal help for union members who are involved in accidents, so if you’re part of a union, you may want to contact them immediately after the accident has occurred.

In the event you are injured in a crash while you’re driving a company vehicle, you should immediately contact your employer. The company should be able to guide you through the next steps, protecting your health and safety at all costs.

Car Accident Claims that Might Surprise You

In this industry, there are many similarities that exist between various clients, but perhaps the most shocking of those is the surprise that car accident victims experience after a crash. Few were expecting the large totals that quickly add up as they work to repair their vehicles, seek medical care, and attempt to return to work. There are many expenses that you should be aware of, so if you should be involved in an accident, you can take precautions to avoid strapping yourself with serious financial losses.

The injuries suffered in a car crash can be quite extensive. If a person is fortunate enough to walk away from the scene, there is still the very real likelihood that medical care will be require. Surgeries are common, as well as blood transfusions, prescription pain killers, x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, overnight hospital stays, visits with medical specialists, physical therapy, and continued care. Permanent injuries can cost a person his or her job, or lead to a demotion and a reduction in pay. It suddenly becomes increasingly difficult to cover the normal living expenses.

On top of this, there are also the repair expenses to consider. These, too, can be very steep. If the vehicle cannot be repaired, one must find alternative forms of transportation (which will undoubtedly involve financial output), while considering the purchase of a replacement.

Even those who have no interest in going to court may suddenly find themselves in need of legal assistance. That’s the point of accident claims. The courts can help victims get the compensation that they need to cover the mounting expenses related with the crash. The payouts, which may appear large to someone who hasn’t been in the situation before, generally seem far more reasonable for the person who has been suffering from serious injury and faces an uncertain professional future because of the harm done.