Keeping a Dog under Control

Personal injury cases are not always about car accidents, bus accidents, or malfunctioning products. More and more often, the courts are hearing cases about dog bites. The attacks, which can leave the victims seriously maimed, and have even resulted in loss of life, can occur in public, private, or even within the dog owner’s home.

For the simple reason that so many people have been killed or injured, certain breeds have even been outlawed. A resident of the UK cannot own a pit bull, for instance, but that doesn’t mean that dog attacks are prevented. Any breed can act out, when mistreated, ill, scared, or otherwise provoked. It is essential as a pet owner to be able to read the warning signs and to ensure that both your dog and visitors are kept safe.

A dog is considered to be out of control if it injures a person, someone else’s pet, or causes someone to fear injury. While your pet has certain rights, those are abolished when the animal acts in an aggressive or threatening manner. In fact, it is perfectly legal for a farmer to shoot at, or even kill your dog, if it is causing harm to livestock.

Remember, it isn’t only your dog that could pay the price for poor behavior. That sort of aggression is very dangerous. The courts recognize this, and you could be forced to pay penalties up to twenty thousand pounds, or even go to prison for up to six months as a result of your dog’s actions. That’s if the dog merely threatens someone else. If you knowingly allow your dog to injure or kill another person, you could be sent to jail for five to fourteen years. There is no minimum fine for such an offense.

Additionally, a victim of a dog attack has the right to sue its owner for the injuries suffered. You could be held liable for any lost wages and other financial losses related to the attack.


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