How to Help an Accident Victim Trapped in a Car

It’s easily your worst nightmare come to life. Whether you’re driving or you’re simply the passenger in a vehicle, seeing a horrible accident occur can be scary. Being involved in one is nothing short of terrifying. In an accident, the impact can be harsh enough to push the metals and plastics that make up a vehicle today out of place, and by the time the chaos ends, the victims are often trapped. When you’re part of a situation like this, what do you do? Are there steps you can take to help before emergency personnel arrive? Absolutely. Take a look.

  • Alert Other Drivers Instead of working to pry the victim out, possibly creating further injury to the individual, put your energy and efforts toward alerting others. Reduce the risk to the victim by diverting traffic away from the scene. Place flares, emergency triangles, or other signals near the scene of the accident to alert oncoming traffic so all of the drivers are aware of the hazard. If you can prevent the person from suffering a second impact, you are doing a great deal to help
  • Call for Help After the scene has been secured, call for help. Provide clear, calm directions to the accident, and be the voice for the victim. You can ensure that help gets there as soon as possible and that the team is prepared for the circumstances awaiting them.
  • Communicate with the Victim Once you have called for help, and the scene is as safe as possible, do your best to keep the victim conscious. Try to create a steady stream of conversation because it will be easier for the rescue team if they can speak to the victim about symptoms and sources of pain before trying to extract the individual from the vehicle.

Keep in mind that accident scenes are dangerous places. There is always the potential of a fuel leak or other hazards you don’t notice, so take the time to secure your own safety as well as that of the accident victim.

Accidents may be fairly common, but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to deal with the devastating financial consequences if you or a loved one is injured. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.


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