Filing a Personal Injury Claim: What Information Do I Need to Provide?

If it is determined that the circumstances of your recent accident may entitle you to compensation, then you will want to prepare a personal injury claim. In order to be sure that there is enough information to properly file a case, you will need to provide a list of details to your solicitor.

Date of the Accident: An incident that leaves you with serious injuries or with a need for major repairs is not easily forgotten. Chances are that you won’t even have to seek this information, but will know it by heart. It is important to be able to provide both the date and the time of the accident as concisely as you can.

Details of the Accident: You must be able to provide a thorough account of what took place on that day. Your solicitor and the courts will want to know exactly what you were doing before the accident occurred, what happened in the moment, and how things played out afterward. Very often, the evidence is in the details, so be sure that you write down or record anything that stood out before meeting with your solicitor. If you happened to take pictures or to write down information at the scene, be sure to bring those with you as well.

In addition to the details of the event, you should be prepared to discuss the aftermath. This includes the injuries suffered and treatment received. You may have to release your medical records and may even be required to see another physician, who can confirm your doctor’s findings.

Witnesses: If there is anyone who can corroborate your story, or who might have seen the incident from a more beneficial angle, be sure that you collect his or her name and number. Your solicitor will want to contact witnesses before filing the case.

Loss of Wages? If your injuries resulted in your losing your job, caused you to take an extended leave or to be demoted due to physical limitations, bring evidence with you to the meeting with your solicitor.

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