Cycling Accident Claims Life and Serves as a Sad Reminder

She was just thirty-two years old when her bike was struck by a Co-operative lorry in London. This sad news was reported by several media outlets, as family members and friends were alerted that this young woman would not survive the injuries sustained. Though it took only minutes for an air ambulance to arrive on the scene and to rush her away to the local hospital, it was too late for the woman, whose name was withheld until all of her family was informed. She was held in the hospital for several hours before being pronounced dead on Thursday evening.

The lorry driver was not arrested, but the company did release a formal statement, expressing their regrets for the family and friends who are left to mourn. They further told reporters that they will continue to work with police as required during the investigation period.

Cycling accidents can be fatal. This is not new information to UK residents, who have already seen several deaths in within London alone this year. In fact, this isn’t even the first lorry-meets-bicycle accident that ended fatally this year. Another woman, and mother of two, was killed in February in central London when struck by a Crossrail lorry.

It is essential that cyclist do everything in their power to predict the actions of drivers on the road. The risk is obvious, and can only be mitigated by taking the proper safety measures and by being super aware of one’s surroundings. Very likely this cyclist could not have prevented this accident. Her family will reserve the right to seek compensation for the loss suffered, with the help of a legal solicitor. Personal injury law can help reduce the financial impact suffered by victims, but it cannot bring those lost back to us. Be sure that you are taking extra care on the road.

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