Bicycling Accidents: Should You Contact A Solicitor?

Cycling is nothing short of amazing. Depending on your purpose and destination, bicycling allows you to interact with the world around you as no other mode of transportation might. Unfortunately, there’s also some real danger involved. You’re moving slower in a more open space than the vehicles around you, and that leads to bicycling accidents again and again.

A Look At the Numbers

As reducing carbon footprints becomes more popular, so does the hobby of cycling. The number of cycling injuries points to this rise in the number of cyclists on the road. In 2012 and 2013, 38,528 cyclists were injured on Britain’s road system. The number of those injuries that resulted in death has actually increased by over 10% from the past four years. The numbers are terrifying, and the reality is that if you cycle on a regular basis, you could find yourself in an accident in the near future.

Why Are Accidents So Common?

On a bicycle, it can be tricky to anticipate a vehicle’s moves when the person in control is behind glass, and, sometimes the person in a vehicle isn’t paying attention. Cyclists aren’t immune to this problem. They often don’t pay close attention to the vehicles around them either, and that can also lead to accidents.

Contacting a Solicitor

If you are injured while bicycling, you can make yourself less vulnerable by calling a solicitor to file a claim. Your claim may be able to help with medical bills, rehabilitation, and further cultural awareness. This process is not only helpful and necessary for you, but also for others– the more we make holding drivers responsible for paying attention to the road part of an ongoing conversation, the more conscientious drivers will become, and sometimes legality speaks the loudest.

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