Work Accident Costs One Man His Life, Another in Critical Care

When people think about workplace accidents, they often imagine a person falling from a tall ladder or having trouble controlling heavy equipment. They don’t typically think about the men and women who are working with waste. However, a recent sewer accident has resulted in one death and has left another man in critical care at a local medical facility.

Just a few weeks ago, two men were working in a sewer in Portmarnock, North County Dublin. One of the men slipped and fell deep into the pit. In an effort to save his co-worker, the other man lost his footing as well. The bottom of a sewer pit can be three metres or deeper. That is a tremendous fall to take, but then you must also account for the waste within, which is riddled with bacteria.

When rescue teams arrived, both men were rushed to the local hospital, but one of them could not survive the injuries sustained. The second man’s condition remains serious.

According to reports, work related incidents result in workers falling ill each year in jobs that involve sewer work. There are a number of career paths, everything from water treatment to aircraft maintenance that can result in a person being exposed to sewage. In most cases, the work-related incidents do not involve a fall, but rather contamination, leaving the person to suffer symptoms such as abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, and severe headaches. If the bacterial infections are not immediately treated, they can lead to liver- or kidney damage, fever, chronic muscle aches, and asthma.

It is unclear what actions will be taken in the case of these two men. There has been no word about personal injury lawsuits. Very likely, the families are too overcome with grief to be considering such matters at the moment. Yet, one thing is certain, the working conditions were quite poor if two men were able to fall into a sewer pit.


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When Your Apartment Causes You To Feel Ill

At just twenty-years old, a constant stream of respiratory infections and trouble breathing isn’t the norm for most people. If it is, it often points to a larger problem. However, the reason behind one UK resident’s struggle with these serious medical conditions wasn’t immediately clear to doctors, but a look back at her flat helped make things a bit clearer.

Less than a year before the young woman became so continually ill, she had made a call to her landlord when she noticed mould forming on the windows of her bedroom. The flat, which she had leased just months before, was often damp, and the tradesman who came to inspect the mould simply gave her directions for managing window condensation instead of looking to see if the ongoing humidity was due to a deeper issue within the flat. Despite the visit, the young woman fell to illness over and over again, with each case becoming progressively worse. It was clear that something was wrong. The trouble? A flat full of mould. She was literally sleeping in mould.
Now, a year later, many have seen the terrifying images in publications like the Times of this woman’s flat. Pictures show mould growing all over a mattress purchased just six months prior, as well as growth in several other locations around the flat. She had been forced to start sleeping on the sofa because simply being in her bed made her symptoms worse.

It wasn’t just the dampness or the trouble breathing that convinced the young woman to say something about the state of her flat. It was the smell. The mould and mildew that formed as a result of the excessive humidity in the flat caused her bedroom to stink. With each month that passed, the smell got worse, until she could no longer handle being in that particular room. In an act of desperation, she sought help from the Canterbury City Council, but getting an inspector to her property meant suffering in the conditions for another three weeks. As a result of the wait, she went directly to the Times with her story. It was that action that prompted the city and the landlord to get moving and fix the flat.

Unfortunately, the woman has suffered long term health effects due to these living conditions. She now battles asthma on a daily basis. Make no mistake, this is a form of personal injury. A landlord has a responsibility to provide safe living environments. Contact your landlord if you believe your living conditions are unsafe. If he or she does not respond within a reasonable timeframe, it’s certainly time to contact an attorney.

The Mysteriousness of Fatal Car Accidents

There is a reason why police, and not just rescue crews, are need at the scene of fatal accidents. They are not just there to coordinate efforts of medical teams and cleanup crews, or to direct traffic. They are there to investigate, because the circumstances leading up to fatal crashes are not always clear in the aftermath.

Loved ones obviously want questions answered about the crashes that killed their lost family members, but there is more to an investigation than that. These studies of accident scenes can point to potential problems, which could lead to further incidents in the future.

This blog post is spurred by the mysterious car accident that took place in Llananno on Wednesday night. At 10 PM, it was dark, but there was no rain to blur the victim’s view of the road, or to cause the vehicle to lose traction. Yet, the impact of car hitting tree was enough to kill the woman on impact. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

If, though, it was discovered that there was a bad patch of road that might have led to the accident, if it is found that there may have been another car at the scene, which was driven off before crews arrived, or if it is determined that some component of the car malfunctioned, steps could be taken to serve justice or to correct problems before more victims wind up in the same situation.

A family left to contend with the damage done, and the life lost will want answers, both for the purpose of having closure, and also because that information can give them a better understanding of the circumstances. If someone else’s negligence caused the crash, they could seek damages to help cover the associated costs and that, at very least, would ease the financial burden while they mourned.


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The Boating Winch that Took A Man’s Life

By now you have likely heard the tale of Gareth Jones, skipper of the boat called Gwynedd. The vessel was this man’s source of income, and he would spend much of his time on the water, seeking scallop beds, which would provide him the income needed to put food on his table.

The unfortunate part about doing this solitary type of work is that there is no one around when you find yourself in need of assistance. The poor man died on his boat, after getting trapped in a boating winch. He was in the process of trying to recover his gear, according to the authorities’ reports. These reports made mention of the fact that it is neither recommended, nor safe to do this type of work alone, and that a man should have at least one other on board when hitting the scallop beds.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch determined, based on the state of the man’s boat and his gear that he was facing financial hardship, which was likely the reason that he had not employed someone to assist in his fishing endeavour. The victim was just thirty-six years old at the time of his death.

It is not clear whether his family or friends will argue with the report, or if they will seek legal assistance. With no one being there at the time of the accident, it is difficult to determine whether the gear was operating correctly or if a malfunction caused the accident.

Product failure, which results in serious injury or death, is a basis of personal injury claim. If it was determined that the winch was not operating properly, and that this was not a result of poor maintenance, but rather due to some malfunctioning internal component, the family would have the right to seek damages on behalf of their lost loved one.


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Unicyclist May Have Been Saved By Heroic Witnesses

In the field of personal injury law, a person is naturally exposed to many horrific stories of loss and injury. Too often, this leaves a person to question the humanity of others, as their actions cause harm and serious devastation to others’ lives. Yet, reading a story in the Standard recently renewed hope that there are still good people residing within the UK.

The story came out of Walthamstow, where a bus driver rammed into a unicyclist. The victim was a man commonly seen in the area, and known to be a quite talented unicyclist. It was rush hour, and whether the bus driver didn’t see him or miss judged the distance between them is not clear. What is known, though, is that the cyclist wound up under the weight of a double decker bus, and onlookers came running from every direction in an effort to help.

According to the reports that flooded Twitter feeds, approximately one hundred bystanders – some from nearby restaurants, others passengers on the bus – came together and made a joint effort to move the bus. Despite the significant weight of the bus, they were able to do so. By the time the medical teams arrived, the unicyclist was freed, but not in good shape. He was rushed off to hospital, and was, reportedly, in very serious condition.

Police closed the area of the city in order to further investigate the accident, but the bus driver was not arrested.

Cases like this are tragic, but the efforts taken by witnesses are heartwarming. They didn’t have to help out, but chose to do so, and very well could have saved the man’s life as a result. Undoubtedly, a personal injury lawyer will assist the man or his family in recouping any financial losses. But, for now, he is in the care of trusted medical professionals thanks to the help of bystanders.

Cycling Accident Claims Life and Serves as a Sad Reminder

She was just thirty-two years old when her bike was struck by a Co-operative lorry in London. This sad news was reported by several media outlets, as family members and friends were alerted that this young woman would not survive the injuries sustained. Though it took only minutes for an air ambulance to arrive on the scene and to rush her away to the local hospital, it was too late for the woman, whose name was withheld until all of her family was informed. She was held in the hospital for several hours before being pronounced dead on Thursday evening.

The lorry driver was not arrested, but the company did release a formal statement, expressing their regrets for the family and friends who are left to mourn. They further told reporters that they will continue to work with police as required during the investigation period.

Cycling accidents can be fatal. This is not new information to UK residents, who have already seen several deaths in within London alone this year. In fact, this isn’t even the first lorry-meets-bicycle accident that ended fatally this year. Another woman, and mother of two, was killed in February in central London when struck by a Crossrail lorry.

It is essential that cyclist do everything in their power to predict the actions of drivers on the road. The risk is obvious, and can only be mitigated by taking the proper safety measures and by being super aware of one’s surroundings. Very likely this cyclist could not have prevented this accident. Her family will reserve the right to seek compensation for the loss suffered, with the help of a legal solicitor. Personal injury law can help reduce the financial impact suffered by victims, but it cannot bring those lost back to us. Be sure that you are taking extra care on the road.

UK Pedestrian Accident Statistics

As a result of being affiliated with personal injury law, we witness many horrible accounts of car accidents in the UK. The worst, however, tend to be those that involve a pedestrian. While you may believe that this is a rare occurrence, that is not the truth. A disturbing number of people are injured while walking the streets of the UK. Whether at a crosswalk, or as a result of a car swerving off of the road, these accidents can be very serious and even fatal.

According to the public statistics from 2013, nearly five thousand people were seriously injured as a result of a pedestrian accident. The majority of those individuals, of course, were the pedestrians. In addition to those cases, approximately four hundred others were killed in such an accident.

The good news is that these numbers are actually down, when compared to those of 2012. Yet, there is still a lot of danger in crossing roads and travelling on foot, alongside motor vehicles.   Children, for instance, are at high risk during daytime hours, especially during school hours, and even more heavily during the warmer months of the year. It makes sense that there would be more pedestrian accidents involving children in the spring and summer, because they are more likely to be out and about. That being said, adults were actually more likely to be injured or killed when walking at dawn or dusk, and the majority of the accidents reported were in the cooler months of the year – late fall into mid-winter.

It is obvious that all pedestrians are assuming some level of risk, and when crossing the street, that danger level rises. Be sure that you are taking a proactive approach as a pedestrian, not relying solely on traffic signs and lights. Look both ways, just as you were taught as a child and be sure that any oncoming drivers are paying attention to you, to the road, and to the traffic signals before you cross.

What Should You Do When Coming Upon an Accident Scene?

Most people, when seeing others in a bad situation, want to help out. This doesn’t come from the desire to be a hero, rather it is human nature to feel empathy for others who are hurt or struggling. Examples of this are very often seen at the site of a car accident.

If you are among the first on the scene of an accident, you must take care to protect yourself before helping others, however. While it is wonderful that you want to do what is right by helping your fellow man, you must also look out for your own health and well-being.

Be Safe That said, be sure that you get your vehicle as far from moving traffic as possible before exiting and approaching the wreck. Upon exiting your vehicle, keep yourself behind barriers (i.e. your parked car) whenever possible.

Signal Others Before helping those who are injured, be sure that you do your best to provide a safety cushion. This is done by placing flares or other warnings along the side of the road leading to the crash, so oncoming motorists know to slow down and move over. Call for help during this time as well. If the authorities have not been alerted, then do so from your mobile phone as soon as possible. You can do your part to help, but the sooner trained emergency care providers are on the scene, the better off the victims will be.

Offer Limited Assistance Though it is wonderful to help, you must understand that moving an injured person in the wrong way can actually cause more harm than good. Offer morale support and words of comfort, if the person is pinned or otherwise unable to move him- or herself.

Move the Cars If possible, snap a couple of pictures of the scene of the crash, and move the cars to a safer location, out of the path of oncoming traffic.


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Can I File a Claim for My Spinal Cord Injury?

Unfortunately, in the field of personal injury law, we see a lot of spinal cord cases. Why? Because when the sensitive bundle of nerves within the spinal column are damaged, the results can be devastating. Not only can the victim suffer with long last pain, tingling, or numbness in multiple regions of the body, he or she can also end up with permanent disabilities as a result of the injury.

The short answer to the question, ‘can I file a claim for a spinal injury’ is yes. However, as with most topics related to law, there is a much longer answer as well. In most cases, a person has every right to file a lawsuit if he or she was a victim of an accident that resulted in spinal cord damage. However, there are reasons why he or she might fail to receive any compensation. So, let’s look at those.

Lack of Negligence In order to bring a lawsuit to the courts, there must be a defendant named. Who is the defendant? The person or entity responsible for the accident. If you can’t name a negligent party, then there is no one to sue, and therefore a case isn’t going to go anywhere. However, before you determine who is negligent, speak to an attorney. You may not be considering the circumstances from the right angle, but those who have dealt with similar cases will be able to provide a more thorough inspection of the facts.

Statute of Limitations Another issue that spinal cord injury victims run into, when trying to take their cases to court, is something called the statute of limitations. This is a legal stipulation, which requires a case to be filed within a specified period of time after the accident occurs. Therefore, if you wait too long to file, the courts might forbid it.

Burden of Proof The final thing that could hold your case up is the need for concrete evidence. You must be able to proof that the defendant was negligent and that the accident resulted in the symptoms that you are now suffering from. If that evidence cannot be brought forth, then your case is done before it starts. Speak to an attorney about the type of evidence you will need to supply.


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How Can Uninsured Drivers Create a Financial Burden for You?

It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle in the UK without an insurance policy in place. You must be appropriately insured so that you can afford accident liability should a collision or other incident occur. Those who are uninsured run the risk of being penalized.

But, what about those who are not caught? What about those who continue to go forward without insurance, even after paying the penalty?

Those individuals can cost you a great deal. Uninsured drivers cost other UK drivers approximately £380 million annually. In order to absorb that expense, in many cases, insurance premiums are made more expense. As much as thirty percent of your policy expense can be blamed on uninsured drivers. Why?

The MIB, or the Motor Insurers Bureau, is often left to absorb the cost of accidents caused by uninsured drivers. This organization was formed for the purpose of reducing the financial impact of uninsured driving, and to compensate the victims of those accidents. Insurance companies must register with the MIB and supply policy information for every car insured. Thus, it is easy to determine whether or not a car involved in an accident was in fact insured. When the vehicle wasn’t insured and the driver was found to be liable, the MIB assists the victims financially. However, that money does not just magically appear. Those costs are passed on to insurers and then on to members of the public seeking auto insurance.

That’s the bad news, but the silver lining is the knowledge that the MIB will assist if it is determined that the uninsured driver was responsible for causing your accident. It is not uncommon to find that you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Though government agencies and police forces are making efforts to crack down on those without proper insurance, there are some who are able to slip through the system. When they cause an accident, financial assistance must be sought through the MIB. For this reason, it is wise to consult legal counsel after a crash. Give us a call if you need help.