Are You Responsible For Your Own Injuries If You Trip on the Pavement?

If you trip due to a dip in the pavement, a crack, or a hole that you simply didn’t see, you’re certain to feel a little sheepish, but does that mean you should actually be responsible for your own injuries? Who is truly responsible when you fall on the pavement?

If the condition of the pavement is what caused you to trip, you’re actually not responsible for your own fall. Instead, the responsibility reverts to the relevant local authority. Any defect has to be noted by the authority and repaired within a reasonable length of time to help prevent accidents like these from occurring. The problem, however, is defining a reasonable length of time and showing that your injuries were directly related to the problem spot in the pavement.

Is It That Serious?

Tripping may not seem too serious, but for some people, it has led to fairly severe injuries including broken bones, serious cuts, or even a concussion. While some people certainly exaggerate their injuries in cases like these, many legitimate problems can come from a simple pavement fall. Often individuals must make multiple visits to a GP, take time off work to recover, and deal with other consequences after falling on pavement that should have been long since repaired.

The Next Step

If you’ve been injured thanks to a slip and fall on damaged pavement, the first thing you should do is visit your GP or the local emergency department to ensure a professional takes a closer look at the seriousness of your injuries. If they are substantial, making a claim immediately is your right.

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