3 Ways to Avoid a Serious Auto Accident Now

Every day people are injured and even killed in auto accidents. These costly and often deadly mishaps can happen to anyone at any time on the road. Avoiding accidents should always be first in your mind while driving. Here are a few ways to avoid being involved in a serious auto accident.

Don’t become distracted.

Talking or texting on your mobile phone, fiddling with the radio or retrieving something from the floor will all take your eyes and your attention off the road. That’s asking for trouble. Put all your focus on the task of driving and let the other things wait till you can safely attend to them.

It only takes roughly 5 seconds for a vehicle at highway speed to travel the length of a soccer pitch. Just peeking at a text can rocket you into an intersection in an instant and alter – or end – your life or some else’s. Don’t forget how close you really are to the other vehicles on the road and how powerful the machines you control can be.

Depend on yourself, not other drivers.

Just because you have the right of way, don’t expect other drivers to yield. People run through traffic lights and signs all the time. There will be distracted drivers on the road at any given moment. There could be an inebriated driver right behind or in front of you each time you get behind tithe wheel. Even an excellent driver can make an error and overcorrect.

Count on your own judgment and don’t trust others to make the right decisions on the road.   Always be on the lookout; never get complacent. If someone is driving erratically, give them a wide berth even if you have the right of way.

Maintain you vehicle.

Your auto needs regular maintenance to run well. Little things like properly inflated tires may not seem like much but your vehicle just doesn’t perform as well without this vital service. You can’t stop as quickly or turn as sharply if your tires don’t have the right pressure and that can lead to an accident. Stay on top of your auto maintenance schedule to keep little issues from become major problems.

Drive well, stay safe and avoid accidents!

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